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I received notification that RJ Reynold's, Vuse Vibe, was recalled due to fire risk and quickly realized that there would be no way to purchase refill cartridges.

The notice said to contact them about a refund for all working power units. They were friendly and said they would refund me $60 for the three I still had.

After about a month, I received a box to ship out my recalled units, which I took care of immediately.

Fast forward another 3 months (4, since I made the call) and I received a check for $60. I figured they weren't in any hurry to get these checks out, but thought better late than never. I deposited the check and there were no problems initially, until I received a notice from Wells Fargo that the check was canceled by the issuer.

I called RJ Reynolds to inquire about this and they told me there was a problem relating to duplicate checks. I never received another check from them.

A few days ago, I received a letter stating that they were issuing a check for $15 in the next few days, for any possible NSF fees incurred through my bank. They didn't mention anything about the original $60 check.

I called RJ Reynolds again and they could not confirm that they would ever be sending my refund check.

I am so beyond pissed about this. I honestly believe that they voluntarily recalled the Vibe, because the Vibe cartridges last 3 or 4 times longer their other products, thus cannibalizing the Vuse Solo and Ciro.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Does anyone remember how many units the box held?


I agree and the Solo & Ciro are crap!

to Anonymous #1577595

Five months of waiting and I still have not received a check!!! 3 phone calls.

One woman that I talked to told me that she hated the way that RJ was handling this or actually not handling this and hated getting these calls. I am totally pissed off!

to Rick #1590679

I’ve called twice now! No luck

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