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Dear R.J. Reynolds,

I seriously appreciate that you increased your Ciro cartridge prices over 33% in the recent days here in Nevada. This completely insane increase in price gave me a solid reason to quit buying your product forever, which also allowed me a reason to quit vaping all together.

I cannot tell you how witty I think this plan was (greedy for you), which allowed me to totally Segway out of this addictive culture. I must say that I couldn't have planned that better myself and again, totally appreciate it. Touche!

I sure do hope that others follow. You cannot be allowed to rape your customers even though you advertise your idiotic "Nicotine is addictive" BS.

Can we please see your product off the shelves of the stores you are insulting as well. Your plan borderlines a blackmail/extortion angle and is totally appalling. Your marketing plan is a joke



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