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Why fix something thats not broken? I am so disappointed in this change.

It burns super fast and it leaves me feeling like i want another smoking more now..i know its more money in there wallet but its hurting mine. I will literally go store to store looking for the old version.. please please please change back...

or im going to have to find a different brand, which i dont want to do... but I will.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pall Mall Cigarettes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Camel 99's are the worst tasting cigarettes on the market today. I've been smoking this Brand/flavor for year's.

What are you big shots in the front office thinking? You don't have loyalty amongst your customers when you screw up this badly. I would rather drink from the toilet than attempt to smoke another camel 99. I'm heading back to Winston gold.

Can you please not screw that up also.?

Change isn't always good. Wake up dumb ***


I have always loved camel 99's, full flavor...I do not know what they have done to them, but they taste HORRIBLE!!! NOT the same cigarette...if this is what they tasted like in 1913, it's a wonder ANYBODY took up smoking!!

They taste over-roasted and burnt..(no pun intended) leaves an awful aftertaste...need to find a different brand. What a shame!

Corporate greed beats out consumer preference every time! Disgusting...


These new Camel Blues/Lights Suck!! I cant be the only one out here that hates these new filters and the taste is horrible.

Im switching back to Marlboro Lts if this is what I have to look forward to. Horrible decision!!


I know the feeling they changed my camel 99 s I literally go to every store to find the old pack of camel 99 s


They burn too fast; I smoke slow and began notice how they burn ALL they way down to the edge of the filter. Pall Mall used to be known as slow burning...this change sucks!!!


Why ruin pall mall? And camel and Newport.

I've smoked pall mall for 10+ years, i now have to switch brands, all rj reynolds now taste like the garbage igt brands you sold kools and salems to... i truly hate phillip morris but i think they just gained thousands of customers


they changed their cigarettes. now you get a horrible headache, burning nose and throat. changing brands today.


Probably not "packed" enough. Try inverting it and tapping on something hard a few times to make the tobacco settle and tighten in the paper cylinder more.



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