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I smoke camels for 40 years now, and never had a complaint until now. Why did you ruin them?

They burn like Cannon fuses and when I packed them they Bend at the bottom near the filter and they give me phlegm in my chest why couldn't you just leave them the way they were? Please put them back the way they were or I'm going elsewhere.

All my friends smoke camels and they said the same thing. Is it all about the money, I'm sure you make plenty put them back the way they were thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Camel Cigarettes Cigarettes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If camel did switch for money, I think they are gonna lose alot of it!! Im wondering if the government had a hand in the change, cuz anyone in their right mind would know its a huge game changer! Maybe they want us all to quit or die sooner- either way this new **** is nasty and they have lost my business!


I agree with pissed consumer- totally! First, they ruin camel lights, so I switched to crush, now they ruin those too!

Guess Im goin to marlboro country! See ya camel!


The camel menthol silvers almost have a chemical aftertaste? And the phlegm that I try to cough up is rather annoying.

Why did you change it? I’m probably going to end up going back to Marlboro.


Not sure why but it seems like camel menthol changed their ingridents lately the menthol doesn’t taste as strong they taste almost stale to me They def lost a frequent costomer I spent almost $50 a week on Ciggs also my friend is changing to a different brand too


I agree with the last review. The new camel blues taste horrible.

PLEASE change them back to the old camel blues. I've searched all of Texas and can't find the old ones anywhere.

I've even called my friends in other states to help find me the old Camel Blues. PLEASE CHANGE THEM BACK!

to DB #1588871

The new camel filter menthol crush "box" changed but so did the taste...the lady at the store was like they are the same...him noooooo


I've been smoking the same cigarettes for years and now I have to find a new brand. How in the *** is changing them seen as a good idea?

Both 99's and Turkish Royals, the only cigarettes I smoke, are now completely different than they once were.

Switching to a brand that wont switch up on me. There's no need to fix what isn't broken.


Why are the new camel filters hurting my throat? What changed? This sucks


These new smokes are making me have a tickle in my throat and I can't seem to caugh it up. This had never happened im going to switch brands or quit until they go back to the way they were


I agree with all comments what have you done choking up all sorts. You even perferated the filters if I want light I would buy not be pushed this awful muck sort yourself out


Don't know what was done to camel brand cigarettes, but they taste awful even the menthol. When tabbaco companies start messing with cigarettes and it's this noticeable, its definitely time to quite!


I agree. I'm scouring every place that sells tobacco products in hopes that I can grab the old 99s before they run out but I'm running out of options.

I refuse to smoke this poor excuse for a cigarette. please give me back my old camels!


Because new Camel 99 is no good, I going to switch to a different brand. The company made a mistake in changing the 99 brand.


The new camel filter ciggs gave me a headache a sore throat and it tastes like someone stuck a month long worn dirty *** sock in my mouth. They taste so bad I called camel and they said we changed the blend to ALL OUR CAMEL BRANDS after he offered me coupons to try another kind of camel lights, blue's, 99's Ect..

I told him if you switched the rest like this you just lost a life long customer, I've been smoking camel's for 28-29 years and these taste worse than the non-filters from back in the day, AWFUL... I told him if you changed All the rest of the styles of camel's than keep your coupon's they aren't worth it at all if they're all gonna give me a headache and a sore throat and tasting like a dirty *** sock stuck in my mouth.

Even a free pack will still taste like *** free or not. You just lost a close to 30 year customer, I'd rather smoke cigars than that *** in a box...


Boycott Camel filters. R.J. Reynolds thinks we are too stupid to notice the change..in our Cigarette.


I COMPLETELY AGREE !!!!its like someone took a pack of cheap generics and put the Camel 99 name on them!!!!As a smoker for many many years... I have a dry chronic cough...

BUT... the new Camel 99s intensify that cough beyond any level of comfort and produces phlegm and congestion.... they are HORRID...and beyond that... the enjoyable TASTE of my camels is GONE...

and they burn completely differently....just 100% NOT the product I thought I was buying...reminds me of NEW COKE!!!

why completely change the entire product????Now I have to try a bunch of brands to find one I can tolerate... grrrr

to V. Wittren #1475487

I switch to Marlboro Special Blend 100s and they're pretty darn good they don't give me that nasty phlegm or sore throat. They're losing a lot of customers by changing their cigarettes!

So why fix something that's not broke! HELLO !!!!!!!


My husband and I HATE the new camel 99's. They taste different and they break right at the filter. We've spoke this brand for years and will be changing brands now because of this change you've decided to make


NO!!! They want them that way.

You have phlegm because you have been smoking for 40 years!! It’s called COPD!! Get over it as they don’t even go to PUBLIC CONSUMER SITES. The only people seeing your complaint is other consumers.

And as a smoker myself I understand your desire to smoke what you’re used to.

But everything changes so get used to it. You used to be young and fit and could smoke a cigarette and run a mile now not so much.

to Durpa #1458043

You're a very rude person! I agree with the guy you're referring to also.

They do cause you to be more congested and they burn your throat. I'm glad to hear other people are having the same issues with this change.

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